Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Freedom 105 Really Is.

A couple days ago, I inquired about what this freedom 105 that's been advertised on the radio and other media. Because there's precious little information on the Internet and the firm itself is so secretive, I'm going to add mine. Freedom 105 is selling supplements and vitamins plain and simple. If you want to spend $400 to sell something, be my guest. Want to know the magic bullet for succeeding in business, there is none. You have to work your tail off and invest a lot of money and time. That is it. Maranatha!


Walter Grace said...

This nutcase that wants to sign me up still won't leave me alone. Geez Louise lady give it up.

greg james said...

There's a lot of this going on rite now

Mark Money said...

Thanks for the knowledge.